Thursday, October 04, 2007 on to visas and travel

I have officially completed service in Bulgaria. What a journey it has been. I am writing from my favorite hostel in Sofia, where I am staying until my visa to India is approved. Perhaps it will be ready today, perhaps tomorrow. I have been here for a couple of days and have slowly given away clothes and trinkets so that my luggage is lighter. I am having trouble parting with some books and warm clothes, but I certainly have too much right now.

I feel a bit empty and lost, because I am constantly saying good-bye and cannot actually leave until the visa is ready. I need to get going and keep busy so that I don't slip into the depression of boredom. My airline tickets are ready, I am adequately vaccinated and I have purchased my anti-malarial medication. I have to find places to stay in Turkey and network with friends in Kenya and India, but otherwise I'm ready. My travel route is loosely as follows:

San Francisco, and home

Dates are flexible and I'm keeping my options open on general travel and duration within each country. I'm out of time on the computer, so I'll write later about other aspects of my journey, and I will finally tell about Pompeii and the Vatican. Take care, all.