Thursday, July 26, 2007

Times Flies by...

It has been nearly two years since I arrived in Bulgaria for the first time. I am having a hard time contemplating departing for life elsewhere, and I'm beginning to prepare myself for the transition. The last 2 months have been packed with activity and responsibility. I have been running around establishing networks for kids and the Roma community, working in Plovdiv as a day camp counselor for an under-privilaged community, helping edit and subtitle a children's film, I directed a group discussion/powerpoint lecture on Geology and Geomorphology in Bulgaria, I briefly met President Bush on his visit to Sofia, attended a conference for departing volunteers in Bulgaria, met and spent time with my Parents and friends visiting me in Bulgaria, and so much more.

I have hit, however, a lull in my work brought on by the extremely high temperatures in Stara Zagora (up to a humid 107 F in the last week). Nobody wants to work or even be outside/in places without air conditioning. Many people have headed to the beach or the pools around the city. My air-conditioning does not work, so I take cold showers. I have indeed kept up running, though a few days ago in 100+ heat, I hit a wall and my legs refused to keep going. I knew I had to keep walking, so I walked the mile or so back to the river and shade to cool off gradually.

Due to the heat, I have found an lost a passion in the past 2 weeks - watermellon. I have bought three and consumed them in rapid succession. I find that it is best to chill them for a day in the refrigerator before cracking and eating them. I suppose I have eaten about 9 Kg or so of watermellon (the mellons are about 5Kg, sweet, and crisp-perfect), and I am taking a break. I'm returning for the meantime to fruit juice and tea (iced tea). I found a place that serves chilled coffee with iced cream floating on top, which might become my pep drink of choice.

I am beginning to plan my way home, figuring out a route and determining the costs. I may need to live lightly on the road, though there are things that I will not skimp on. I have my shots and stocking up on meds. I need to buy a mosquito net and some good boots before I go. Hope everyone is well. Margaret is finishing up her CA Bar exam today, and deserves everyone's congratulations. She has worked so long and hard through law school, it is time for a break before work. She'll come to visit Bulgaria in late August, and I'm looking forward to seeing her.


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